Tips For Women


DO NOT.... Carry a bag that makes you a target. A bag that dangles from the shoulder can be easily yanked off your shoulder by someone coming up from behind.

DO NOT... Carry your bag in such a manner that you can let it go if you have to. Many women have been injured because their own bags acted as handcuffs as a purse snatcher yanked it away.

DO... Be aware of your surroundings and carry your bag close to your body, tucked in the bend of your elbow.

DO... Minimize the amount of money and credit cards that you carry with you on a daily basis. Divide your money between pockets and bags.

IF.. You are the victim of a purse snatch, do not fight to hold onto your bag, especially if there is a weapon involved. GET IN TOUCH WITH THE POLICE CONTROL ROOM ON PHONE NO. 100.


Have your key ready before you get to the front door.
Make sure your entrance area is well lit.
If you live in an apartment don't hold the lobby door open for a stranger who has been waiting.
Please use the door chain for verifying the identity before fully opening the door.
If you arrive home and find your door open DO NOT GO INSIDE. Call the police from a pay phone or neighbour's house and ask them to meet you.


Avoid shortcuts that are not well travelled or well lit.
Know what reputable stores are open in your neighborhood late at night.
If you suspect that you are being followed, stay away from lonely quiet blocks and head for the store you know to be open.
When walking to your car or on your way home, keep your keys in your hand until you are safely inside for added protection.
If someone drops you off at home by auto, ask the driver to wait until you are safely inside.