arrow  Advertised Limited Re-Tender Enquiry for Safari Suits(174 KB)  New
arrow  Setting up of Cyber Forensic Lab cum Training Centre for Goa Police on turnkey basis(172 KB)  New
arrow  Limited Tender Notice for Supply of Safari Suits(209 KB)  New
arrow  Limited tender for supply of Automatic Identification System (AIS)(685 KB)  New
arrow  E-tenders (Two Bid SystemJ)for the "Setting up of State Cyber Crime forensic Lab cum training center under CCPWC (Cvber crime prevention against women & children) Scheme on turnkey basis.(247 KB)  New
arrow  E Tender for supply of WIRELESS SETS & ANCILLARY EQUIPMENT'S(39 KB)  New
arrow  Limited Tender for supply of Automatic Identification System(AIS)(5488 KB)  New
arrow  Intimation Regarding Cancellation of E-tender(81 KB)  New
arrow  Setting up of Cyber Forensic Lab cum Training Center of Goa Police under CCPWC Pragram(2259 KB)  New
arrow  Tender Notice for supply of WIRELESS ACCESSORIES(252 KB)  New
arrow  Tender Notice for NLJD & BUSTER and T & C(539 KB)  New
arrow  Tender Notice for Supply of 12 scientific equipments and software for Goa State FSL Verna Goa(1553 KB)  New
arrow  Inviting suggestions/technical clarification from intrested vendors for uploaded broad based technical specifications of equipments/software.. Reg(1160 KB)  New
arrow  Auction notice For disposal of condemned vehicles(46 KB)  New
arrow  Advertised Limited Tender Enquiry(74 KB)  New
arrow  Expression of Interest for setting up cyber forensic lab for GOA Police.(775 KB)  New
arrow  Expression of interest to procure FSL items(191 KB)  New
arrow  E-tender for the supply of RIOT CONTROL EQUIPMENTS(345 KB)  New
arrow  Extension of E-Tender notice for purchase of stationary items for Goa Police Department(61 KB)  New
arrow  Tender for supply of Various types of stationery Items to the Goa Police Department(439 KB)  New


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